Apply for a Payday Loan in Colorado and Denver with Dime Alley

Dime Alley can help you to find a payday loan in Colorado that suits your financial situation, whether you are in Denver, Colorado Springs or anywhere else in the state!

With Dime Alley, you could borrow as little as $100 or as much as $35,000 to help you through your time of financial need, and receive the funds in as soon as one hour!

Check out our 3-step process to ensure we find the right payday loan for you!

Affordability Ensured


At Dime Alley, we ensure that your payday loan is affordable for you – even if you don’t have a perfect credit score.

A Loan To Suit You


Once you complete our application form, we will make sure to match you with a lender to suit your personal needs.

Instant Decision On-Screen


You’ll see whether your application is successful as soon as you finish your application!


Why Choose Dime Alley for Payday Loans in Colorado?


Dime Alley can offer you a fast and easy way to get a Payday Loan in Colorado. Using our loans connection service, we can help find a lender that suits your needs, and, if accepted, you could receive your funds within minutes!

Payday Loans can be a great option to tide you over until your next payday in your time of financial stress. We all have financial difficulties from time-to-time, but rest assured, Dime Alley will help every step of the way.

How Long Will it Take to Get a Payday Loan in Colorado?


Receiving a payday loan in Colorado could take as little as an hour, or sometimes as soon as the next business day!

With Dime Alley, your online form is sent to lenders across Colorado, and you’ll receive an instant decision. If your request is accepted, you’ll find the money in your account as fast as possible.

What to Consider Before Getting a Colorado Loan?


You should first check that you meet the eligibility criteria (see above) before you apply. Make sure you consider whether you can afford to meet the repayments on time.

In the case that you are unable to repay your Colorado payday loan, interest may be added. Not repaying your loan on time may also affect your credit score. It would be best if you thought about how much you actually need to borrow before getting started.


Am I Eligible for a Payday Loan in Colorado?


In order to qualify for a payday loan in Colorado, there are only a few simple criteria that you need to meet to have a chance at being approved!

  • You must be a US resident, over the age of 18.
  • You should have a stable, regular income, earning a minimum of $800 per month.
  • You should have a valid mobile phone account and a live checking account (for your loan to be deposited into).

Where You Can Find a Loan in Colorado, CO

Does Dime Alley offer Payday Loans in Denver?


Yes! Dime Alley offers payday loans in Denver, as well as all other major towns and cities in Colorado. Our process is all online, which means you can even apply for a payday loan whilst lying in bed!

We proudly cover all areas of Colorado, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Aspen, Boulder and more!

FAQs on Payday Loans in Colorado

If you have a bad credit score, don’t worry – you can still get a loan in Colorado!

With Dime Alley, all credit histories are accepted. This means that you should still request a payday loan with us even if you have already been turned down by a bank because of bad credit.

With Dime Alley, you could find payday loans ranging from $100 to $35,000 – with the amount you can borrow based on factors like your monthly income, credit status and affordability.

Other things come into play too, including your residence (homeowners are often preferred), age and whether you have any other similar loans open too.

No! We will never charge fees for using our service.

Instead, we take a fee or commission from the lender if your application is approved and successful. The lenders will charge a daily or monthly interest if your loan is active and this will be presented to you in writing before you proceed.

In the state of Colorado, a consumer is allowed to take several loans (there is no set limit) but the outstanding loan amount should not exceed $500 and there should be a cooling-off period of 30 days between loans.

The maximum amount is $500 (total) that can be given for no shorter than 6 months.

A payday loans interest cap is a limit on how much interest lenders are allowed to charge borrowers for taking out a payday loan.

In Colorado, the price cap is set at 36% by the State.

Interest caps mean that loan companies are less likely to profit from borrowers and they can receive more protection and can save significant amounts when they borrow money online.

Dime Alley is a broker, meaning that if you’re approved, we don’t provide the funds for your loan directly and don’t charge you any fees.

Instead, we connect you to a lender best suited to your situation from our trusted panel.