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Top 10 Tips for Good Customer Service and Benchmarking

Customer service plays a vital role in any business, with the ability to help get some potential customers over the line or assist them if they are having any difficulties. Customer service can be the backbone of a business, whether it is in consumer finance, airlines or even your water company – and quality service can be a competitive advantage, making people stay with their supplier and even recommend to their friends.

Below we share 10 top tips for customer service that you can instil in your employees and how to benchmark these too.


1. Have Senior Managers Listen in on Calls and Recordings


2. Ask Customers to Rate Their Customer Service By Email


3. Have Regular Customer Service Training Days


4. Give Awards and Acknowledgements to Hard Working Staff Members

5. Recording the Number of Complaints and Monitor It


6. Ask People to Stay on The Line and Provide Feedback


7. Follow a Script, But Listen To Your Customers


8. Allow Customer Service Agents To Give Their Feedback Too


9. Monitor The Rate of Customer Retention and Sales


10. Integrate Customer Services With Other Departments