September 2022

What is Debt Management?

Debt Management, Debt Relief or Debt Consolidation is simply a way to get your debt under control through financial planning and budgeting. The aim of a debt management plan is to use certain strategies to help you lower your current debt and move toward eliminating it. Debt Management plans are most suitable for those either …

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What is a Co-Signer Loan?

Basically, a cosigner loan is such that a “co-signer” adds their name to the primary borrower’s loan application. The co-signer becomes legally responsible for the loan amount and any additional fees if the primary borrower is unable to make their repayments. Co-signing a loan with someone who has more solid credit or a higher regular …

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Can I Make My Loan Repayments Online Or By Phone?

Typically, your payday loan repayments will be taken out of your account automatically after agreeing to what’s known as an ACH Authorization. ACH Authorization, which stands for Automated Clearing House Authorization, is a payment authorization that gives the lender permission to electronically take money from your bank, credit union, or prepaid card account when a …

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